Decolour Remover and Decolour Stripper

Hair Colour Remover and Hair Colour Stripper - Two Unique innovations to the home hair care market

A brand new ultra kind Hair Colour Remover that eradicates only artificial colour pigments yet completely preserves the health of the hair with its unique and advanced formula. Featuring a breakthrough precision crème, that shatters the colour molecules as opposed to just ‘splitting’ or ‘shrinking’ them. This advancement in oxidation reduction technology greatly reduces the risk of colour re-oxidation.

Secondly, a brand new ultra kind Hair Colour Stripper that removes both artificial and natural colour pigment in a safe, controlled way enabling effective and immediate re-colouring. The precision crème is a controlled and conditioning formula which protects the hair’s lipids to produce a lightened canvas ideal for perfect and instant re-colouring.

Decolour Hair Colour Remover

The next generation of permanent hair colour removal, Decolour uses ‘shatter technology’ which quickly and effectively breaks artificial colour pigments enabling them to be flushed from the hair with ease. The no peroxide or ammonia formula uses a rich crème which not only hydrates the hair but leaves the natural colour (which lays beneath your unwanted shade) intact. In addition, the strong but kind Decolour Crème conditions as it removes and is not reliant on a buffer stage to draw colour molecules out of the hair

Decolour Hair Colour Stripper

Sometimes just removing an unwanted artificial colour isn’t enough. When opting to go for a lighter hair colourant shade your natural pigments also need to be removed, however using a traditional bleach can be harsh to the hair. Decolour Stripper uses a gentle, non ammonia creme lightener and low peroxide level to safely and effectively remove both natural and artificial pigments in one process. Leaving you with a lightened base perfect for effective and immediate re-colouring.


“Current retail hair colour removers work with a gel solution to separate artificial colour molecules. The issue with separation of colour molecules is the hair then requires a great deal of rinsing to remove these separated artificial colour molecules from the hair. The use of a ‘buffer’ will draw the separated artificial colour molecules from the hair, but the ‘buffer’ is a strong clarifier which will also draw proteins and moisture from the hair along with those aforementioned unwanted artificial colour molecules.

Therefore, whilst the colour molecules have been removed, the hair can quite often feel drier due to this excessive rinsing and buffering phase. In addition, there is always a risk the separated (shrunken) colour molecules will reform and enlarge if they haven’t been sufficiently rinsed from the hair in the first instance. This causes a return of the unwanted colour in a phenomena known as ‘re-oxidation’.”

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