color restore

Colour Restore - bringing your hair to life.

Sometimes artificial hair colours just don’t turn out (or stay) the way we had hoped.

Brunettes and darker blondes can often discover unwanted warm or copper hues appearing in their hair, blondes (and highlights) can go brassy or golden shades can fade whilst reds can wash away losing vibrancy and depth. When unwanted brassy or orange tones appear or red and gold tones are lost, the tendency is to immediately re-colour with a (specific) permanent shade.

However, this can cause further problems as the hair is being subjected to more chemicals and loaded with even more artificial colour depth. The Colour Restore rand boosts tonal pigment to neutralise unwanted tones or boosts lost ones, restoring your shade to its intended glory.

Colour Restore is gentle but effective and can be used immediately after Colour Removal, Lightening, General Colouring or Perming & Straightening.

Colour Restore – Cool Ash For Brunettes & Dark Blondes

Banishes Rusty, Copper and Orange tones in coloured hair.

  • Restores deep ash tones to brunettes and dark blondes
  • Creates neutral to cool base tones
  • Restores and replenishes hair without the need for a peroxide or ammonia based colourant.

Colour Restore – Deep Red For Redheads

Replenishes Depleted Red pigment levels in coloured hair.

  • Replenishes and restores red tone
  • Adds warm tones to mild blondes and brunettes
  • Restores and replenishes hair without the need for a  peroxide or ammonia based colourant.

Colour Restore – Iced PlatinumFor Bleached Blonde & Highlighted Hair

Banishes Yellow and Brassy tones in bleached or highlighted hair.

  • Creates cool to pure white tones
  • Replenishes cool tones in highlighted hair
  • Restores and replenishes hair without the need for a peroxide or ammonia based colourant
  • Can be used frequently and safely to keep that desired  cool or pure white tone without damaging the hair.

“Colour Restore is a simple yet safe and highly effective product to infuse your required lost tonal pigment back into your hair.

A rich and hydrating cream which can be applied and developed as you would a standard colour or simply “rinsed” through the hair, it contains no peroxide or ammonia and one bottle is designed for multiple uses. Colour Restore contains no peroxide or ammonia and is so gentle (but effective) it can be used immediately after Lightening, General Colouring, Perming & Straightening. “Cool Ash” & “Deep Red” are also ideal colours to apply immediately after using a Hair Colour Remover to either neutralise unwanted revealed warmth or enhance this warmth to create a vibrant “redhead” shade.

Colour Restore is a crucial product innovation for the home sector. The home colourist currently has a highly restricted selection of pigment, toning or replenishment products designed to restore colour effects without the necessity of applying a totally new colour. Colour Restore really is a salon secret.”

Avaliable to buy from Boots Stores and Boots Online